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We are pleased to help preserve Soho’s rich heritage by offering our Handyman service to residents and businesses in Soho London W1 and other adjoining areas of central London. We charge a flat rate of £24.50/hr no VAT or  additional call out fees will be applied, but congestion charge and parking fees may need to be considered. Please use the form provided below to book a slot, or just call us on 07704746578.  All details provided are treated in confidence and will only be used in relation to your booking(s). Under no circumstances will your details be passed onto any third party.

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Really Handyman Factoids Soho

Soho was once one of Henry VIII’s hunting grounds that was a short ride from St James Palace. ‘SoHo’ was a hunting call denoting small prey. At the time hunting ground boundaries were marked by blue posts, these are now reflected in the names of pubs – The Blue Posts – to the North, South West an East of the district (Newman St, Kingly St, Rupert St and Berwick St).

Phillip Morris, the Cigarette manufacturer once had a a factory on Great Marlborough St – this is the origin of Marlboro (american spelling) Cigarettes.