Prices etc.


The Really Handy Co. offers an affordable building maintenance service at rates designed to achieve value and fairness.

Labour Charges – our basic London rates are a flat rate of £39/hr up to and inclusive of the first hour to private households and charities  in Muswell Hill and much of North London (i.e call-out areas served listed under Locations).  We also offer a day rate of £35/hr on bookings likely to exceed 6 hrs – if applicable this will be agreed at the booking stage. Landlords and other commercial customers will be charged a slightly higher rate of £45/hr and £39/hr day rate (see above). Please check listed prices at time of bookings as these may vary to reflect changes in seasonal demand. No VAT is charged.

Oxford Specific Rates – A slightly different charging structure applies in Oxford. First hour private residence £35 first hour,£25/hr thereafter. Commercial work including landlords £40 first hour, £35/hr thereafter. Minimum fee one hour.

Non-local Callouts – where significant travel is involved outside of the listed areas we may add a mileage fee, particularly on short bookings. We will let you know if this is applicable and how much it will be when you make the booking.

Materials  – basic fixing materials are supplied free of charge  and include screws, wall plugs, silicone, powder filler, abrasives and adhesives. Where additional materials such as wood or paint or specialised fixings  need to be purchased, costs will be passed back to you inclusive of any discounts we obtain on your behalf. Any time spent collecting additional materials will be charged at our basic hourly rate.

Quotes and Estimates – we will always provide you with an estimate of costs for your project when requested. On larger projects (at least a days work) we can provide free  fixed quotes on request dependent on location and time availability.

Hours of Business London – 9:00am – 6:00pm Monday – Friday excluding bank holidays. Morning bookings typically start around 9:30 depending on where you are. Please email enquiries  outside these hours

Project description – please be as full as possible in the description of the work needed and highlight any known problems or ongoing issues – where possible upload photos using the facility provided.

Parking – please ensure that there is reasonable provision is made for parking. If there is a parking restriction please provide a permit. If paid parking is necessary then these costs will be added to the invoice. Congestion charges may also need to be added in central London.

Waste Disposal – unfortunately due to licensing requirements and very high disposal costs we don’t offer  rubbish removal – where waste can’t be disposed of with domestic refuse you will need to make separate arrangements – we can advise on disposal and will break down rubbish to help with bagging.

Cancellations –  in order for us to provide your service with agreed times it is necessary for us to turn away bookings from other clients to protect your slot. Where work is cancelled with short warning its difficult for us to fill slots (as an essentially booked in advance service)  as this generally prevents us working, last minute cancellations result in a direct loss of business income. Accordingly it is necessary for us to charge cancellation fees to compensate against losses incurred and to discourage selfish customers. For scheduled work please give 48 hrs prior notice of cancellation (unless booked less in advance).  We reserve the right to charge cancellation fees if the above (48 hrs) prior notification isn’t provided. Prior notification should have been acknowledged by us ahead of the 48hr minimum period (text messages or voice-mails will not be regarded as a cancellation unless validated with a written response from us) – we would recommend that you call direct or email. Such charges will be at least 50% of the value of the length of the rough booking slot and will not be less than the first hour minimum if cancelled on arrival. Cancellation fees will also be applied where the works cannot be carried out because of inaccurate or incomplete details, customer no-shows, where there are safety, access or other practical issues.  Where materials are collected for cancelled work the goods will be returned fees will reflect the above minimums plus the time spent collecting and returning goods. We will consider reasonable mitigating circumstances.

Late Payment – Generally we experience little problem with payment from our clients. However, occasionally some clients are slow;  where  this is the case  we exercise the right to charge for the additional admin. generated by pursuing the debt . Following expiry of  your 30 day settlement period (14 days on projects exceeding £500) you will receive a payment reminder. At least a week later you will receive a second reminder, this time incurring a £30- admin fee and the same for each reminder issued each subsequent week until the debt is settled. Unsettled debts will be passed on to a third party collection agency. In cases where we are notified of genuine difficulty we will consider deferring payment. 


Please print off a copy of these terms.