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We are pleased to offer our Handyman service to residents and businesses in Mayfair,  and other adjoining areas in the West End of London. No additional call out fees will be applied but Congestion and parking charges/arrangements may need to be discussed. Please use the form provided below to book a slot, or just call us on 07704746578.  All details provided are treated in confidence and will only be used in relation to your booking(s). Under no circumstances will your details be passed onto any third party.

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Really Handyman Factoids About Mayfair London W1

Down St Station opened on in 1907 on the Piccadilly line. From the beginning it was an underused station, which lead to its closure in the late twenties. In 1939 sections of it were bricked off to create a bunker for use in the expected war. During the early war years the site housed the war cabinet rooms where Winston Churchill held court.  These were later they were moved to Whitehall. Eventually the site became the wartime HQ of the Emergency Railway Committee. To this day the original tiled exterior can easily be seen from the street . The disused Down Street station site has featured in a number of films and other popular media productions.

Both Keith Moon (The Who – overdose) and Mama Cass (The Mamas and Papas – exhaustion/heart attack) both aged 32 , died in the same room in 9 Curzon Pl which was owned by Harry Nilson.

The River Tyburn – one of the celebrated lost rivers of London can still be seen running through the basement of Grey’s antique Market near the junction of Davies St. and Oxford St.