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We are pleased to provide our Handyman service to residents and businesses in Covent Garden, London WC2 and other adjoining areas of central London. No additional call out fees will be applied but Congestion Charge may be added. Please use the form provided below to book a slot, or just call us on 07704746578.  All details provided are treated in confidence and will only be used in relation to your booking(s). Under no circumstances will your details be passed onto any third party. 

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Handyman Factoids Covent Garden

 Covent garden market was a fruit and veg market from the 1800’s till the early 70’s. Alfred Hitchcock’s (1972) film – Frenzy – about a Covent Garden fruit vendor turned rotten, was filmed in the market.  A place familiar to the young Hitchcock, as his father had been a wholesale greengrocer there. Alfred Hichcock produced and shot many of his films at Gainsborough studios off New North Road in Islington. Now a residential development the sites boasts an impressive statue of London’s ‘master of suspense’.

 Covent garden is the home of a food, perhaps more ubiquitous across the globe than even Italian or Chinese cuisine; the humble sandwich. It is claimed that first ever sandwich (at least by that name) was eaten by the Earl of Sandwich in Covent Garden’s Shakespeare’s Head in 1762.

 Covent Garden is also famous for its Punch And Judy shows – mentioned by Samuel Pepes’ in his famous 17thC diary

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