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We are pleased to provide our Handyman service to residents and businesses in Bloomsbury, London WC1 and other adjoining areas of central London. No additional call out fees will be applied but Congestion Charge may be added. Please use the form provided below to book a slot, or just call us on 07704746578.  All details provided are treated in confidence and will only be used in relation to your booking(s). Under no circumstances will your details be passed onto any third party. 

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Handyman Factoids – Bloomsbury
Like Monmartre in paris or Mala Strana in Prague – Bloomsbury was famous in 19th C for its Bohemian culture with names like Virginia Woolf and E M Forster collectively known as the Bloomsbury Set, residing there. 
While creative thinkers slummed it and toyed with alternative lifestyles, harder realities were faced by the children who found themselves in the Foundling Hospital, an orphanage set up in 1739, a time when under 5’s infant mortality was 3 out of 4, where desperate mother’s often simply abandoned their unfortunate offspring. The site at Coram Fields continues to provide facilities for local underprivileged children and is home to an excellent museum. The grounds retain most of their original early Georgian layout and are one of the best examples of their type in London.

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